Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


      As Drillon,

  • We assume responsibility and a policy in Drilling Operations which stand for the best contemporary  practice and which balances a caring and knowledgeable attitude for the protection of human health,the natural environment and the communities in which Drillon operate.

  • We are committed to seek improvement in health, safety and environment with best contemporary practice, meaning the use of best available and proven technology and technique, appropriate to the operation and the situation, taking into account economic and environmental factors. Within the context of Drilling Operations, this means using the best available and the most suitable methods of program design and implementation and includes active and ongoing assessment.

  • Zero accident vision is the key for our team and well awareness of safety culture is part of Drillon soul. We believe that there is no 5 minutes job because succesful and rapid operations can only be achieved by proper planning and management, not by pushing workers during operation which can be very dangerous and raise complications.

  • Enviromental protection is not limited with Drillon operations. Enviromental protection is a commitment in which Drillon must contribute for local communities sake and pass on our global exprience into locals, even remote locations which can be a cultural interaction and create awareness.